Monday, July 21, 2008

Work Work Work

Well the past few days have been busy so I have not been able to blog. I feel a sense of need to do so now.
I worked a long stretch of 4 days, and to me that is long. My household falls apart and I spend a whole day making things up. Laundry, cooking, cleaning and playing.

I was able to can a few more green beans, attend the local farmers market early Saturday morning and attend my daughers last Softball game of the season. I picked more Raspberries at my mothers home and enjoyed a blackberry pie from her garden as well.

My husband left yesterday afternoon for a 2 week educational quest, leaving me at home to figure out how to parent 4 kids all by myself.

Soren has been unusually upset the last 24 hours and with deep inspection as to why, I discover his cutting his first tooth. At 4 months!!! Oh my.

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Sabrina said...

There are some things in this post that sound an a lot like my life right now. My husband also left today for a 10 day residential intensive for his school. I too am wondering how I'll manage with my three kids. Also when my youngest one was just shy of 4 months, she cut her first tooth.

Wow- I am impressed with all your canning- especially after working such a long stretch. I make various kinds of jam, but don't can anything else. I am very interested in trying out other things- especially tomatoes- but I'm also a little nervous. Maybe you can a share some hints? And to answer your question, most of the jam recipes I make come from the pectin insert.
Sorry such a long, winding comment.