Friday, January 2, 2009

The Holiday Season has come to a close

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Wow. The year has come to a close, where did the year go? It was a fun year, but as I say every year the days go quicker, much different when I was a child and the weeks and years took forever. Every time I look at the kids, they have grown. Oh....

Our Christmas was filled with crazy kids, who's isn't? The kids got lots of clothes, homemade toys and "junk" toys from my in laws. The best present was different colored towels for each of us with our names embroidered on them. This has a made a huge difference in our bath times.

We decluttered our home after Christmas and took an entire van load of things to the local Salvation Army, great for taxes and great for our home.

Next week is the start of Ciaos in our home. The big kids and Daddy return to school as well as myself, not only attended but teaching. I will be an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Nursing at MNSU. I will be carrying Master Credits as well. I also have taken on another hat at work and will be teaching Perinatal Education Courses quarterly to new and seasoned nurses.

So I must say, that I will blog when possible, but believe that I will not be on here very much.

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful New Year