Saturday, July 12, 2008

Active Summer Day

Off to the Fun Days Parade in Town, active outside of home. We all left early to get a good seat at the parade. Seems to be the individuals whom live along the parade route get the best seats in town. The kids enjoyed numerous candies thrown their way, way too much in fact. The weather was just right, but a little to sunny. I am amazed at home many adults and kids alike do not wear hats, nor sunglasses to protect themselves from the rays of the sun. I am proud to say that my husband and myself have trained our kids to put on hats before going outside. I prefer not to apply sunscreen if we do not have too. The two big girls are neighbors of ours how went along. The more the merrier, well most of the time. We had a lot of fun. The kids went to bed early today in preparation for the family birthday party for our 2 year old Shafer.

Oh yes I canned 4 more quarts of beans, cut the first broccoli bunch from the garden and enjoyed the first blue berry from the bushes, as well as 4 black raspberries from the back yard. Sh, don't tell the kids.

I planned the meal and started the cake for tomorrow.

Soren enjoying the his LAZY day of summer.

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Christi said...

what a beautiful family you have. Sewing diapers are not as hard as they look! You should give it a try. There are many free patterns on the net. For me its not just a business. I enjoy sewing everyone :) Course im a little on the strange side lol
thanks for visiting my blog