Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Summer Day

The day was filled with interesting things. This morning we all packed up and headed to the family doctor for a 2 year old check up and 4 month old checkup and shots. The doctor wanted an updated photo of the kids with him for his desk and so this is why we all went. It is amazing that two adults and four kids can fit in the office room.
Lunch was a quick pasta dish, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, that is. I used the alfredo recipe that I used for one of the party pizza's, microwaved some store bought chicken patties and boiled some pasta, yummy yummy.

This afternoon the big kids and dad went golfing. Evan thinks he is ready for a new golf set and Sidney whom has not used her clubs in over a year, besides the backyard declared that she too needed a new set. I believe Evan will get a new set before Sidney.

Shafer and I tended to the raspberries, blue berries, vegetable gardens, and flower gardens today as the baby slept. I can't believe how the dirt is so dry right now and the grasses are turning nasty brown. I snapped 3 quarts of beans and I am expecting more to be here soon, from my mothers home.

My mother has moved the pressure cooker to my home and hopes that she can preserve her white cook top. I always wondered why she got a white cook top stove???

Sidney had a softball game this evening, and finally I brought the camera. The 8 year old girls softball is slow moving but they have learned so much this summer and I am very excited to see what happens in the years to come. Sidney stated that she might not want to play softball next year, but instead wants to participate in Gymnastic, we'll see.

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The Likes of Us said...

I love your blog! Sydney has changed so much since we've seen her.