Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day #1

Hello. I am taking on a new concept. Blogging. I have been impressed with all that I have seen in the past few days that I thought I would blog, creating a hobbie for myself.

Today I tackled alot before heading to work. I approached the herb garden quitely and calmly as the bumble bees have been working away at the blooming flowers. I decided it was time to cut my oregano as the dried supply was shrinking, as I have been marinating quite a bit in the past month. I tied the oregano with a rubberband and hung it to dry, in a few days I will rub the stems together to knock the leaves down for more drying, then I can use it.

I put a meal into the crockpot this morning, so supper would be as easy as possible. Got all 4 kids up and dressed, feed, teeth brushed and then took care of myself, ate breakfast, read the paper, and nursed the baby and started a load of laundry with my new soap nuts. Gotta love.

I returned home at 5:30 today and the meal was done, yummy Parmeasan Chicken with pasta. The kids at lots and I enjoyed. I wished I had a bottle of our homemade white wine, but used it all last night cooking.

My two older kids, headed across the street to my parents for a night out. The two little kids and I took a bath, played in Burt's Bubbles and lathered ourselves in Burts Lotion, dressed in comfy cloths, lounged, ate popcorn, and watch the new "dog" show. Off to bed the little kids went and then I am enjoying a few minutes to myself and then my husband arrived home after an afternoon of golfing. He makes the statement, "I am finally getting the hang of it again". Seems to be that he lost his groove for awhile, during our intense reproductive years, ha.

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Earthly Jane said...

I saw your "footprints" on my blog so I thought I'd check you out.
You're from Mankato?
I'm in Grand Rapids! Well Bovey, but you know what I mean...maybe.
I like the blog so far.
Super cute kids!
congrats on the newest!
stop by again sometime!