Friday, July 25, 2008

Wine and Bread

Today was the day that my husband returned home from a week long chemistry class, today was a reunion for the kids whom missed their daddy in addition to my husband turning another year older.

Yesterday I packed up the van with the kids plus my neice and nephew and we went to the mall in seach of a book that I have been lusting after, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day . Well after throughly reading through I tackled the basic recipe and lo and behold, we had bread appetizers before heading to the local wine vineyard. We sampled numerous wines, drank a bottle their and brought 2 more bottles home. Yummy, we loved everything we tried.

Ciabatta Loaf

This is what I saw on TV and was hooked. I love bread and everything associated with bread.


jhertz10 said...

Hey, your ciabatta is coming out better than mine, and I'm one of the co-authors! I'm Jeff Hertzberg-- thanks so much for trying out stuff-- I'm glad it's working for you.

Thanks so much for mentioning our book- I'm Jeff Hertzberg, one of the co-authors. The granola recipe came from my co-author Zoe Francois and it's an absolute winner, it spoils you forever for store-bought granola-- can't buy it anymore!

If you have any questions about the bread, come visit us at, where you can post questions into any "Comments" field, or into the "Bread Questions" gateway on the left side of the homepage.

Jeff Hertzberg

Sabrina said...

Okay... you're doing too good job convincing me that I need this book. Bread with wine sounds very good indeed!