Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Last year while at the MOA, we had the oldest 3 kids pictures drawn by Jarrett. We were very impressed with his drawings and people who have seen them ask, who drew those? Will after the 4th was born we have made plans to return in hopes of finding the same person and lo and behold he was there, so Soren attempted to pose, but as any baby only could hold the pose for 1 second, but Jarret did a fine job. We are very happy to have the fouth and final caricature drawing for our family room. Thanks Jarret.


Earthly Jane said...

ohmigosh, how cute!

Jarrett said...

oh wow.. thats so neat to me.. to see something i did in such a hurry.. i didnt even sign one of them!! thats so funny.. just goes to show how much stress im under sometimes!! haha.. i let it get to me too.. whew i dont know how much more i can take of 70 hours a week of that place! haha.. thank you so much for getting in touch.. thats so cool! hopefully i'll be there next time you guys are at the mall! take care :)