Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Where Have I been

I have been busy learning to knit, working on some new designed toad stools, cloth play things for the kids, canning and getting things ready for school.

Our family summer came to a quick halt this week, as my husband returned to school in preparation for the students to arrive after Labor Day. As for myself, I have been going through closets moving too small out and too big in for winter growth. I have been analyzing the shoe situation and what what we are going to do for winter gear. Oh my gosh I know it is only the end of August, but as everyone in the US knows that Minnesota can get snow in October.

My garden growth is slowing and I am realizing that canning is almost done, but I seem to have a lot of jars left. Yesterday was a bad canning day. I had one jar that busted opening in the water bath and another that did not seal. I think that when I look back, my kitchen was very busy at this time and I did not take as much time placing lids as I typically do.

On Thursday I made 4 loaves of bread for my husband to take to his last night of golf, as they have an end potluck where all 40 guys bring something.

My second born, Evan is so hungry for friendship other than his siblings that he brings me the phone everyday asking to call someone to play with, I think are neighbors are a little tried of our phone calls, but the kids love to play together. Our direct next door neighbor has 2 girls a little older than Sidney and they played all day long here, with no issues what so ever. Everyone played so nicely together it was a brake for my sanity. She came over to retrieve her kids at 5:00 and apologized for them being here all day and I thanked her for them being here all day. She with 2 doesn't really understand the mom with 4 and that adding more pretty much doesn't change anything but bring more happiness.....

As for me in the next few days, I will be working all 4 days. This is tiring but overall not so bad, as then I have a few days off.


Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

you sound super busy like me


Kristin@HomemakerAtHeart said...

re: google "3 column blogger layouts"

they're out there.
it's kind of a pain though.
good luck

Sabrina said...

Oh Sabrina I can relate to the early snow (we get it here in October too sometimes!) And we are big fans of the full day play dates. My kids and their friends are always trying to finagle more time with each other. And you're right, more often than not it's easier to have extra people over-except for maybe in the kitchen!