Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Tag Blanket Tutorial

How to:
Use any fleece or flannel. I bought some flannel blankets from the local Salvation Army (already nice and cuddly), trimmed to just the right size.

Cut numerous different colored ribbons to approximately 6 inches, fold over and pin to right side of fabric, facing in, all the way around. (make sure you plan the pin point facing out, for easier sewing)

Sandwich the ribbons between both pieces of fabric and then sew around 3 sides of the blanket. Removed the pins that held the ribbon on these three pieces. The slowly sew the 4th side and removing the pins as you go. The closer you get to the hole for turning the tougher it becomes. The last 3-4 pins you can removed through the turner hole. Turn the blanket right side out and stitch the turner hole shut.


Two Peas and a Mom said...

oooo! I can do this!! Good solution to all the stinkin ribbon I've hording! And since I'm making Miles a quilt for Christmas, I can maybe whip one of these bad boys up for James. Did you tie the blanket at all after, or use any batting?

Two Peas and a Mom said...

what size did you make your blanket? And where are the photos of all the other goodies you've been making?? The bean bags and what else...blocks??