Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BOYS and Noses

Well this evening I got the kid all tucked into bed, then Evan came into the kitchen just wondering what I was doing at the same time as discovering a goggly eye on the floor, he picked up and said oh, " I will throw this away". Away to be he went, a few minutes later he shows up in the living room, "um mom, I have, I have a eye ball in my nose". Oh my GOD!!! Sneezing he was. I could not see it. I told him to blow his nose really hard, still no eye ball to be seen. I took him into the bathroom with my husband at my side, leaded him backwards, inserted a small tweezer when I say the item and out it came. OH MY GOD!! BOYS>>>>>>>>>>.


Two Peas and a Mom said...

heehee, too funny. And only funny because that is so going to be James. The boy is obsessed with his nose.

Sabrina said...

WHOA!! You are amazing for handling that situation so calmly. I don't think I could have dealt at all. No I think I would have hyperventilated.